Keeping Busy

So I’ve been trying to keep busy. It helps when I have stuff to do for the kids and places to take them. Emma’s Destination Imagination team is gearing up for another competition on Saturday. Last year they came in first in their challenge category and went on to the state competition. This whole week … [Read more…]

Back to Choir

So this morning was a tough one. As some may know, I sing with the choir at church. This was the first service since Chris passed that I have gotten up to sing the anthem with them again. I wasn’t thinking, of course,  and it also happened to be the first Sunday the kids have attended … [Read more…]

62 days

Our Christmas card this year that actually got delivered to just about everyone on the day Chris passed. It’s been 2 months today.  62 days. It’s very surreal still. I still have the silly little fantasy that I think I hear the garage door opening and maybe, just maybe, he’ll open the door from the … [Read more…]

My Baskets of Cards

This is one of my baskets of condolence cards. I’m so grateful that so many people thought to send me a card. I want to keep them and send thank yous to all of them but I know I probably won’t. Not because I don’t want to but because it’s just another huge daunting task and … [Read more…]

It’s Just a Car

So I dropped off the plates to the BMW today. I know it’s just a car but it was really a hard thing to do. He was so proud of his “beemer”. I just can’t afford to hold onto it. Called the insurance company and cancelled the insurance on it. Now I just wait until … [Read more…]

Don’t Wait Any Longer

Okay… is your reminder. If you have been THINKING about taking care of your affairs because of my Facebook post a month or so ago and haven’t yet… WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? Make sure that all your accounts have your spouse (or if your single, a family member you trust) listed as a beneficiary … [Read more…]

Taking Down the Christmas Tree

I took down the Christmas tree today. Yes, it’s February 23. The tree was still up for Valentine’s Day. It was tough because Chris would put up and take down the tree every year. I kept feeling like if I didn’t take it down then time wouldn’t move forward. I knew it was moving forward … [Read more…]

A Whole New World

So here I am. Not exactly where I would have pictured myself at 47. It’s amazing how one single event can completely change the course of your life. I’m not sure how good I will be at updating this blog but I start it with good intentions. On the morning of December 26, 2015 my … [Read more…]