3 Months

So Saturday marks three months. One quarter of a year. I have been trying to keep my head down and stay focused. I’ve grown accustomed to small outbursts of crying when I’m by myself. It’s strange because I don’t seem able to cry in public much anymore. I don’t feel like sharing my grief. It’s … [Read more…]

Seasons Change

I’m pretty much assuming that this will be the last snow fall of the season. I, like most others, am excited for the warmer weather and being able to open the windows of the house and air it out of all the stuffiness that has accumulated since it started getting cold in the fall. To … [Read more…]

Keeping Busy

So I’ve been trying to keep busy. It helps when I have stuff to do for the kids and places to take them. Emma’s Destination Imagination team is gearing up for another competition on Saturday. Last year they came in first in their challenge category and went on to the state competition. This whole week … [Read more…]