Seasons Change


I’m pretty much assuming that this will be the last snow fall of the season. I, like most others, am excited for the warmer weather and being able to open the windows of the house and air it out of all the stuffiness that has accumulated since it started getting cold in the fall. To wear flip flops and shorts again. To be able to sit out in the sunshine for much needed doses of vitamin D.

But I am also apprehensive about the season changing.

It means I am moving on. Time is moving on. Obviously, I know that time is always moving on but it makes me really sad and makes me feel melancholy. To know I will be continuing into the new season, spring, as a solo person. A season of rebirth and new growth. To leave behind the last season that I shared with him. I’m scared, anxious, sad….but I’m also learning things about myself and realizing that I am strong, determined and trying so hard to make a new future for myself and the kids. Each day brings a new challenge and so far, I have conquered those challenges. Each time becoming more confident as I approach a new one.

I love you so much honey, and I will keep on trying to be stronger and stronger. This I promise you.

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  1. Denise Aulton

    Your strength is giving me strength after losing my dad a few days after you lost Chris. I read each of your posts and I weep. Somehow we will get through this road of grief. Keep writing. It’s helping others too. Hugs and prayers.

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